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Nieuwe iPod Touch en iPhones krijgen usb-c

Volgens de Japanse website zouden hun bronnen bij toeleveranciers van Apple, tijdens de CES 2019 hebben verklaard, dat Apple bezig is met de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe iPod Touch. Verdere specificaties en wanneer de nieuwe iPod Touch komt zijn…

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Na een leuke en interessante periode van bijna 8 jaar, met meer dan 2300 nieuwsberichten, meer dan 30 gepubliceerde reviews, en live tekstverslaggeving van de meeste keynote-presentaties, hebben we besloten om te stoppen met deze website,  We konden rekenen op meer dan 600 geregistreerde gebruikers, en konden zelfs meer dan 1000 gebruikers plezieren met [...]

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    Met deze apparaten stream je je muziek

    Een muziekstreamer is nogal een ruim begrip. Er bestaan namelijk ontzettend veel apparaten waarmee je muziek uit online bronnen kunt afspelen. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een computer, smartphone, spelcomputer, bluetoothontvanger, draadloze speaker of netwerkspeler. In dit artikel gaan we op zoek naar de beste muziekstreamers voor jouw situatie, zodat je optimaal van Spotify en consorten kunt genieten.

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    Apple Music Gets Another Unofficial Web Player With Launch of 'Musish'

    Last month, software engineer Naveed Golafshani created an unofficial Apple Music web player that allowed users to sign into their Apple Music accounts and listen to music on a laptop or desktop computer, without needing to open iTunes.

    This is an addition to Apple Music that many subscribers have been requesting for years, and now another unofficial Apple Music web player has emerged online. Created by software engineer Brychan Bennett-Odlum and his team, Raphaël Vigée, James Jarvis, and Filip Grebowski, the new web player is called "Musish" [GitHub Link].

    Musish has an all-white design that closely mirrors the look and feel of Apple Music on iOS and macOS. Just like the previous player, Musish requires you to sign in to your Apple ID to be able to play music on the web, using Apple's official public APIs to handle authentication. This is handled in a separate window under the domain, and Musish says at no point does it ever request, log, or gain access to user information.

    Bennett-Odlum told us that he and his team are heavy Apple Music users, and the origins of Musish began at a hackathon event in San Francisco just last month.
    We are all heavy users of Apple Music, but found listening at work hard as it drained our phones’ battery lives and we didn’t want to set up our Apple IDs on our work laptops.

    We started Musish at a hackathon in San Francisco in early December after noticing the APIs Apple provide for the service and realising that it’d be a pretty nifty solution to the problem!
    After logging in, Musish presents you the expected Apple Music tabs: For You, Browse, Radio, and My Library, although some are pared down compared to the full experience. For You has recently played songs, albums in heavy rotation, personalized mixes, the day's playlists and albums, and new releases. Apple Music's social features like friend profiles and "Friends Are Listening To" aren't available.

    Browse has top songs, daily top 100 playlists, top playlists, top albums, and a genres tab. Just like Golafshani's web player, Musish is missing Radio features at this time, but the site's developers promise that Apple Music Radio support is coming soon. If you're searching for a specific artist, playlist, or album, you can use the search bar at the top right of Musish, which remains open on every tab.

    To play music, you simply click on the album/playlist you want to hear, and then click Play, Shuffle, or select a specific song. The Musish web player then places playback controls at the bottom left of the screen, where you can adjust the volume, turn on repeat, turn on shuffle, check out lyrics, and reorganize up next.

    In Musish, you can configure the order of up next to your liking by click and dragging songs, and you can find another song, hover over it, click the ellipsis button, and click "play next" to place it next in your queue, just like the regular Apple Music apps.

    According to Bennett-Odlum, the team still has a ways to go until Musish reaches its full potential, including work on mobile compatibility, a dark mode, and a more populated Browse section. The team welcomes feedback and feature suggestions on the GitHub page for Musish, which is open source so anyone can contribute to the project.

    It's been seven months since Apple was rumored to be working on its own official web player for Apple Music, but as of now nothing has come out of the company in this regard. You can check out Musish for yourself by following this link.

    This article, "Apple Music Gets Another Unofficial Web Player With Launch of 'Musish'" first appeared on

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    How to choose what music gets stored on your Apple Watch

    Article Image

    Apple could make it less of a chore, but in just a few steps you can download playlists and albums directly to your Apple Watch. AppleInsider demonstrates how to keep your favorites on your wrist and leave your iPhone behind.

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    Kool Tools: Songmaker Kit

    ROLI’s Songmaker Kit ( is a portable music studio for creating a track anywhere. It combines the Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block M, two cutting-edge controllers.

    The tactile, touch-responsive surfaces of these Blocks — both released within the past year — introduce a new way to shape sound and create songs. The Loop Block, which helps to record tracks and toggle between sounds, completes the kit.

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    How Apple volunteers are helping transform lives

    Fourteen-year-old Michael Normoyle jumps out of his chair to write his cipher...

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